Gigaset A495 Cordless Phone

Gigaset A495 Cordless Phone
Gigaset A495 Cordless Phone
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Sound quality

o    Handsfree (best quality) speaking activated by illuminated handsfree-key and with adjustable volume (5 Steps)

o    Adjustable volume of handset sound (3 levels)

o    Ringer melody with on/off function via * key (long press)

o    Ringer melody output via handsfree speaker

o    Advisory tone (for key confirmation and low battery)


Convenience – phoning essentials


o    Indoor range:            up to 50 meters

o    Outdoor range:         up to 300 meters

Operation time (WDCT version)

o    Talk time:                   up to 6 hours

 o   Standby time:             up to 144 hours


Phonebook and dialing

o    Phonebook for up to 80 names and numbers

o    Name indication for: incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed
calls list, redial list

o    Dial preparation (input of phone numbers before connecting)
with correction possibility

o    Redialing of the 10 last different numbers

o    User-programmable speed-dial shortcuts using keys 0, 2-9

o    Dialing: DTMF, Pulse, Flash (programmable)

o    Support of local area codes 


Receiving Calls

o    Caller indication displayed via CLIP and CNIP

o    Selectable ringer melodies
- 10 standard melodies
- adjustable volume

o    Ringer melody output
- in AM base station

o    Individual ringer melody for internal calls


Missed Calls

o    Display signaling missed calls

o    Comfortable access to missed calls list by dedicated,
message key

o    List showing up to 25 missed calls saving calls with caller
indication (CLIP / CNIP - base station required) and time

o    Direct dialing out of the missed calls list


General additional features

o    Plug & Play (unpack, connect the phone and conduct a

o    Date and time functions are protected against power failure

o    Internal antennas

o    Alarm clock via menu


Display and menu features


o    Illuminated B/W display: 1-line dot graphic 14 characters

      + 1 line for pictograms + 1 line for softkeys

o    Display illumination: amber


o    Display of date and time as screensaver (default setting)

In idle

o    Display of date and time

o    Display of state of battery life

o    Soft keys for quick selection of functions

While conducting a call

o    Display of call duration in talk mode


o    Simple operation via text based menu and soft keys

o    User guidance in up to 6 country specific languages         (partly available)


Keypad features

o    New ergonomic keypad in high quality material (polydom

o    12 numeric keys plus 9 function keys

o    Illuminated keypad including navigation area

o    Keypad illumination: amber

o    Illuminated hands free talking key (red)

o    Keypad protection on/off via # key (long press)           

o    Ringer tones on/off via * key

o    Dedicated message key

o    Flash key (R) with long press for pause (P)

o    Mute hard key



o    Up to 4 Gigaset handsets (A39H/A49H)


Features with more than one handset

o    Free internal calls between handsets

o    2 calls simultaneously (1 external, 1 internal)

o    Phonebook transfer between handsets

o    Internal transfer of external calls to another handset
with prior consultation call

o    3 party conference (1 external / 2 internal participants)
via internal recall or barge in

o    Selective and collective call of internal handsets

o    Selective and collective call on incoming external calls

Answering machine features (AM versions only)

o    Integrated answering machine with up to 12 minutes
recording time

o    User defined and predefined announcement

o    Display of new messages on handset and base station

o    Announcement of date and time for each message by

o    Comfortable operation via handset and keypad on base station (illuminated on/off key)

o    Live listening of messages via base station

o    Call pick up function to answer calls during message

o    Recordings have unlimited protection against power

o    Remote control of answering machine



Fixed net operator features

o    Support of provider features by use of Flash key, *key and
# key

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