Bell Fax

Send & Receive Faxes without a Fax Machine

Bell Fax

BellFax is the latest innovative product introduced by Lanka Bell. This is a state-of-the-art-technology for fax communication for the next generation. This enables users to send and receive faxes conveniently, without a fax machine. BellFax provides you with a personal fax number that sends / receives faxes from any fax machine in the world. When receiving, you can have your receiving faxes delivered right to your email inbox. You can also set your BellFax account preferences to have inbound faxes delivered up to ten separate email addresses, at no extra cost. BellFax delivers your inbound faxes to your email as a TIF file attachment. You can then save the fax, print it out, delete it, or forward it to someone else, either via email or by fax. BellFax does not require to install any special, proprietary software in order to send or receive faxes. This product has a range of features, which do not available in conventional fax machines

The key features of BellFax:

Immediate Service Activation

No physical equipment installation.

No AMC for Fax machines

No need to have Annual Maintenance Contracts with fax vendors

No Cost on Toner / Paper

No need to spend on fax toners and papers. You need to get printouts of what you really need to have a hardcopy.

No Risk of loss of faxes (due to no paper, power, stolen)

When there is no paper in the fax machine, incoming faxes may store in the machine (if the machine supports memory). But there is a limitation in the memory. Once memory is fully utilized, the rest of the faxes will be lost. In case of power failure, faxes in the memory will be lost and no incoming faxes will be received. In general, fax machines can be commonly accessed by all the staff. Therefore, there may be a risk of the fax getting lost. This can be used by using the BellFax facility.

Can access wherever email is available

Since your faxes are sent/received through email, your access to fax is available, whenever your email is accessible.

Can be received by multiple parties / Branches (max 10)

When receiving a fax, the same fax can be received by several recipients, so that anyone could attend to it promptly. It also has a capability of receiving the same fax by several branches.

Can forward to anyone

Once you receive a fax, it can be forward to anyone via email or by fax.

Reduced telephone bills

Since your emails can be accessed from anywhere, your sending/receiving faxes also can be done, even when you are outstation or overseas. No need to pay IDD call rates.

Can send Simultaneous Faxes

You can send / receive faxes simultaneously. Your BellFax line will never get busy.

Can send to multiple destinations at once (up to 3)

If you want to send a fax to 03 destinations, you can do it with one step.

Flexible Outgoing Restrictions

Unlike conventional fax machines, flexible call restrictions can be configured for individual users. The restriction options are : Incoming only, Outgoing Only, Incoming & Outgoing, Local only, National Only, IDD only or all.

Can avoid misuse of fax machine

Since only the allowed users can send faxes according to the user restrictions, others cannot misuse the fax line.

Can trace the senders easily

You can easily trace individual senders, with date, time, and destination.

Can Zoom the received faxes

Since your fax in received in the soft format, it is possible to zoom, if the fax is not clear.

Confidentiality of received fax

Since all the incoming faxes are directly coming to your personal email inbox, your faxes are secured as much as your email.


What do I require:

All you need to have is a valid email account (any public domain) You may need a scanner to fax hardcopies.

How do I subscribe to BellFax:

It is only a filling of the BellFax application and handover the nearest Business Office.

For further assistance, call 011-5 375 375