MASDA Energy Saving Power Strip For TVs

MASDA Energy Saving Power Strip For TVs
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The TV standby killer is designed to cut down the standby power of your connected electrical appliances, including TV,DVD, Power Amplifiers and other household electrical devices, hence reducing your energy costs and saving you money.
Your TV standby killer will turn off the power after you shut down all electrical appliances automatically.
The TV standby killer device is easy to operate.  You just simply press any key on your appliance's remote control and it will turn off the power after testing the standby current of the connected devices, it will not influence the normal operation of other connected devices.And the Stable Power-on socket is used for supplying power continuously.
Power learning function: This function can learning the power consumption on the socket. So people can program a power consumption level that they want standby power saver to cut the power off automatically. Therefore the device can use for any DVD player, HiFi, Cable Box or any other electrical devices.
a, Plug the electrical appliance's plugs into the available sockets on the front of the TV standby killer,  we suggest connecting appliances such as a Television's, DVD player's, and Power Amplifier's.  Pls also plug the electrical appliance's plug which you need to be on in always into the stable power-on socket.
b, Place the external IR sensor in front of your electrical appliance. Then use that appliance's remote control to  operate your TV standby killer. (We suggest you to place this on your television set.)
c, Your TV standby killer uses the IR remote control of various devices to operate, this must be done with a straight line of sight without any obstacles between it and the external infrared signal receiver. You must ensure this is followed otherwise, you will encounter difficulties in operation.
d, Plug your TV standby killer mains voltage plug into an available wall power socket, and ensure mains power is available.
e, Initial settings of your product. The indicator light on the front of the unit will flash after being connected to the wall power socket. Press any key on your appliance's remote control for the learning mode to begin, please wait until the indicator light is illuminated.
f, Set all electrical appliances connected to your TV standby killer to be in standby mode.  After waiting for a minimum of 30 seconds,press the "ON/OFF" key on your TV standby killer, the indicator light will then turn off.  Your TV standby killer settings are now completed.But pls noted, the electrical appliance which your plug in the stable power-on socket is still working.
g, If you wish to change the number of connected appliances, please press the reset key on your TV standby killer for a period of 4 seconds continuously until the indicator light flashes to indicate clearing of the memory code. Then, repeat steps E & F as shown above for re-setting again. 


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